Off-Market Estate Finders Fee

At HardHat Investments, LLC we are constantly seeking growth in the United States, and to help us do so we offer our finders fee program which is a way for our members to make up to $5,000 for every off market property they recommend to us and that we're able to close on.  Contact us for more information.

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Here's how it works in 4 Steps:


1. Once you learn about an off market property owner who is heavily intersted in being sold, contact HardHat Investments, LLC. ( Go to"Make Money With HardHat Investments"enter your personal information then enter the property address as well as the interested sellers information)

2. We will then evaluate the deal, and then we will give the seller a Hard Hat Instant Offer, and if it is accepted we will handle getting the property under contract.

3. If it is a desirable deal, either HardHat Investments will close the deal ourselves, or one of our private investors will within 30 days.

4. Once the deal is fully funded and closed, we will notify you and send you a direct deposit of your finders fee. You can earn up to $5,000 by referring investment properties to HardHat Investments, LLC!