What is a property consultant?

What is a property consultant?


Hiring a property consultant is a great way to combine your love of money with your love of houses, which can make you very happy in the long run. As with any new venture, however, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into before you spend thousands of dollars on investment in real estate industry.

A property consultant provides advice to real estate investor and property owners on how to make the most of their investment. While they are often confused with real estate agents, it’s important to understand the difference between the two occupations so you can choose the right one for your business ventures.

So, in this article, we explore the ins and outs of property consulting about their role in real-estate and how they’re beneficial for an investor’s point of view. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Who is a property consultant?

A property consultant (whether a firm or an individual) typically assists in making key investment decisions when it comes to buying and selling residential and/or commercial properties. They assist and provide such services to real estate companies and investors as asset and lease management.

The reason for hiring a property consultant is because they’ve got the experience and knowledge of understanding market dynamics. They know the times when it’s best to sell or purchase a property and also understands how all the buying and selling process goes through.

Sometimes customers purchase a residence to live in or invest in an investment property for profit, so real estate consultants advise them on this. A real estate consultant is usually hired by a company or group of companies.

An example would be that the developer of a new store is trying to find the best place in the neighborhood to make the store. The developer can engage a property consultant to find the best location or speak with the community officials.

Major roles of a property consultant

The following are the major roles and responsibilities of a real estate consultant:

Prospecting for new clients

A real estate consultant's daily tasks include cold-calling, following up with leads, advertising, and giving presentations to potential clients and prospects.

Investigating and investigating properties

The main job role of a property consultant is to keep an eye on market trends and research the available properties as investment opportunities for clients. They need to encompass all such relevant information to manage buying and selling properties in local market.

Developing a good relationship

The business of a property consultant relies a lot on developing good relationship with clients. They need to talk with and understand the needs and requirements of diverse clients. They have to learn about the clients’ likes and dislikes and assist them in finding the business prospects that match well with their financial status.

Handling the paperwork

Property consultant also has to undertake legal work in conjunction with legal professionals to help prepare necessary documents while selling or buying properties.

Finding new clients

Real estate consultants spend most of their time trying to find new customers. Their daily tasks might include cold-calling, taking follow-ups, advertising, and making business presentations to potential clients and prospects.

Property consultant vs. Real Estate Agent

The role of a property consultant is often confused as a real estate agent, but both differ a lot in terms of their support to the real estate buyers and sellers.

A real estate agent doesn’t understand the process of optimizing real estate investments and has nothing to do with market analysis. A real estate broker is a licensed company or individual that works with number of real estate agents to represent buyers or sellers during selling or purchasing of real estate assets.

A real estate agent typically knows the potential properties for a client and does so also from the seller’s point of view (they’ve got the clients) for you and charge commission for each transactions. They navigate through various properties in finding perfect residential or commercial projects to invest or purchase.

However, the role of real estate agent is bit limited than a property consultant. A property consultant offer more wide-ranging services including analyzing market and their main focus in on investment management.

A property consultant demonstrates market knowledge, marketing abilities, and negotiation skills. They also help and manage property listings including advertisement. They stage the properties to prospective clients and research the local market activity to establish an ideal asking price. They meet with and understand the needs of sellers with new listings. Some typical skills of property consultant include contacting clients by making cold calls, giving presentations, and sending promotional emails.

The Bottom line

A good real estate agent or a property consultant must have a hard-working mentality and dedication. Their interest in real estate industry matters a lot in helping find investors and people find their dream investment or homes. Playing with numbers and data is a basic skillset for a property consultant. Anyhow, both job roles have to possess essential skills like marketing, negotiation, and communication skills (written and verbal).

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