$5.9M Hill Country Village mansion boasts a massive yard and 24 hour police force.

$5.9M Hill Country Village mansion boasts a massive yard and 24 hour police force.

$5.9M Hill Country Village mansion boasts a massive yard and '24 hour police force.'

One house in Hill Country Village that is now on the market seems to take self-preservation to a whole new level, despite the fact that safety is a primary concern for many residents.

The 6.81-acre property that is "hidden inside" the little North Side neighborhood along U.S. 281 is surrounded by a "formidable gated entrance linked to (a) high-walled perimeter," according to an ad for the $5.9 million home located on Tower Drive.

In the listing for the property, a real estate agent working for KuperSotheby's International Realty named Binkan Cinaroglu said that "Privacy is highlighted with Hill Country Village's own 24-hour police force." Cinaroglu is the same real estate agent that is selling the $19.5 million house that Spurs great Tony Parker owns in Boerne.

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There are a total of 10 bedrooms, and 11 bathrooms spread over the main home and the guest house, which together make up 18,918 square feet of space. In addition, there are high-end equipment and a large aquarium located in the kitchen. The outside has a spacious backyard with more than 300 fully grown oak trees, in addition to a large swimming pool, a playground, and a tree house that was custom-built.

According to what Cinaroglu said, additional noteworthy features include stained glass windows, solid wood woodwork throughout, and an "oversized master hideaway with a spa-like bath overlooking the backyard paradise." All of these features are located in the home's master suite.

Hill Country Village

The community of Hill Country Village is located in San Antonio and has a total population of 635 people. Hill Country Village, which is located in Bexar County, is widely regarded as one of the state's most desirable residential areas. The majority of people who live in Hill Country Village are homeowners, which contributes to the village's rural atmosphere. Hill Country Village is home to a plethora of nightclubs, dining establishments, coffee shops, and green spaces. Hill Country Village is home to a sizable number of elderly people, most of whom are of a conservative bent. The Hill Country Village public schools have received very positive reviews from parents and students.

Is It A Good Idea To Buy a Home In Hill Country Village, Texas?

You will want to make a decision on the neighborhood you will relocate to prior to even beginning your search for a new house. The decision of where to live may be impacted by a variety of variables, including demographics, the proximity of schools and other facilities, the local community, and more. If you are thinking about relocating to Hill Country Village, Texas, there are a few different things you can do to determine whether or not this community would be a good match for you.

Is Hill Country Village a city that can be explored by foot?

Quality of life is a highly subjective concept that may be affected by a wide range of factors. Some people looking to purchase a home may prefer the idea of living in a city that is easily navigable on foot and provides a wealth of things to do in the vicinity of their residence. On the other hand, others may favor the idea of living in the suburbs because of the tranquil streets, peace, quiet, and proximity to open spaces and natural settings. For some people, the concept of being reliant on a vehicle is intolerable, while for others, having a reasonable driving time to their preferred weekend hangout is the realization of a lifelong ambition.

What are some of Hill Country Village, Texas's most prestigious educational institutions?

One person's idea of a good school may not be the same as another's, and vice versa; for example, some people may be looking for schools that are known for their outstanding athletic programs, while others may be more concerned with finding schools that do a better job of preparing students for higher education. Independent organizations, such as Niche, who offer ratings to schools and are often utilized by parents to make a selection, assign such ratings because viewpoint may make a difference. Having said that, you are strongly advised to confirm these evaluations using additional sources, for as by physically visiting the school.

It is critical to locate one's new home in an area with a consistently high quality of rated schools. It is important to research the quality of the middle schools and high schools that your children will attend as they become older, even while the neighborhood you are considering may offer excellent primary schools for your young children. The quality ratings that Niche assigns to the elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in the surrounding area are quite comparable. This area may be a wonderful spot to put long-term roots if you have children and want them to have a consistent educational experience as they grow up.

Should you buy a home in Hill Country Village, TX?

The number of properties that have been sold in the area in the recent past may serve as an essential indication of the quality of the neighborhood. It's possible that the area is on the rise, and people are eager to settle there if a significant number of properties have been sold in the recent past (say, within the last five years).

On the other hand, if there are few house sales in a community despite it being on the market for some time, this might be an indication that the people already living there are planning to relocate. It would be interesting to talk to people who live in this area to find out what aspects of living here they like and what aspects they find challenging.

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